Make Your Smile Brilliantly White With Teeth Whitening

Having a gorgeous set of sparkling teeth makes a person feel self-confident in their appearance. When the teeth become stained over time, they can make a person feel embarrassed to smile. The foods people eat and their habits can have a big impact on the color of the teeth. Thankfully, stains can be bleached away with teeth whitening treatments performed by the Vancouver Dentist. Keep reading to learn how this procedure is carried out and what can be expected from the results.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening Treatments?

When stains begin to build up on the teeth, they can become yellowed, dull, and even brownish. No one wants to look at their smile and see stains. Thankfully, individuals can seek the dentist for teeth whitening treatments. These treatments can dramatically whiten the teeth and individuals can experience whitening levels up to ten shades.

Teeth whitening is not invasive and does not cause harm to the health of the teeth. The treatment needs to be carried out on teeth that are clean so the whitening agent can penetrate them. Once the teeth are cleaned, the dentist will take measures to protect the sensitive areas of the mouth, such as the gums, lips, and cheeks, so these do not come into any contact with the whitening agent.

The whitening agent has an active ingredient of either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, depending on the type of whitening treatment that is being carried out. Once it is painted on the teeth, a timer will be set and a special light will be used to activate the whitener and allow the teeth to be bleached so they are no longer stained.

What Can Patients Expect From the Results?

Individuals who have their teeth whitened by the dentist can expect a significant improvement from one single treatment. Severe stains may require further treatments. Whitening treatments are safe for most individuals but the pediatric dentist does not recommend children have their teeth whitened.

At-home protocols may be given so the patient’s teeth can continue to stay beautifully white between treatments. The results of a teeth whitening treatment can last up to two years. Those who would be interested in learning more about teeth whitening and its benefits can visit

Call Harbour Centre Dental today and they will be happy to provide you with an appointment so you can have your teeth whitened. With this treatment, your smile will be made dazzling white.

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